A miracle flow ( writers together #82 )


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Like flower talking to the earth to be keeped and like rain talking to the sky to let it go, are talking your hearts for god to hear and a miracle flow.


Beautifully described through word art by our content writer  err1585

Yet another day. 5:05 am, exactly.
Again, she won’t let me be, who I’m. She is that addiction, killing me without a touch, slowly and steadily. 
She is my Earth. Piece of my heart, she had snatched away with her caring and love, in the way like I’m that now I feel like that night jaismine, quietly, still trying to glow and let my redolcence reach everyone, hiding my pain, asking her to keep me upright and without it’s support, I’m nothing but a corpse.
Oh! But I have got my own goals. I’m not a saint or a nomad! I can’t ignore thousands more who had been their with me, from the inception of my being, my dreams. Then, it feels like, my heart is trying to live with a mirage of she and me together, hoping for a “happy forever”. Like a rain I’ll shower my love on my Earth. But no no! My heart beats an illusion, I know. So, when I look above on those blues, I ask those clouds to let go my pain! I ask myself to cry and cry and cry. Let it rain. Then pick myself up for a brand new beginning! Brand new day! 
I’m alone. No one is hearing me. I can’t take her out of my heart. Should I keep holding on to her, and wait or no, I must let her live, I must let it go! I know no one but you, oh! God. My Jesus, please show me the way, shine your light of wisdom in my inked heart and please, let me remain a good human being. I don’t want to steal her in anyway, I know I cannot. I can never be like her! Okay. But please, do some miracle oh! God. Help me. 


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