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Beautifully described through word art by our content writer  err1585 

Here I’m standing underneath the clouds of your memories, I may not get struck by it’s thunder anymore, but I’m still getting wet in its rain. 


He loved talking about death. In fact, he talked a lot! A lot! A person can either can’t handle him or can easily get drowned in his words. A very social and friendly guy indeed. No one felt like a stranger with him. 

No, no. It’s not like he is dead or something. I still remember, we first met on the first day of my college. He was brother of my classmate, who later became my one of bestest friend. He was three years elder than me. A humourous sailor, who loved talking about death. All his conversations, ended with death only! 

He entered in my friend list when unexpectedly one day, he sended me a message request on Facebook, for inviting all our classmates on Savvi’s birthday. We both together made the day special for her. And steadily, as our interest matched, we started talking regularly. That was the time, when for the very first time, I sculpted the most beautiful days of my life, from travelling to photography and from sketching to writing and singing our poetry! It was so easy to let it all out in front of them. And I never imagined, that it will end. In fact, the three of us, we made a most Incredible trio! 

“Change is the only permanent thing in this universe.” I read on Facebook once. 

So true it is. All those memories are like treasures for me, now. Sailor is all the more busy and Savvi as well. They both had shifted to a far away house now. We still talk, but probably, once in six months, that too for a little while. Life has became a rush now. I can’t really feel that we all enjoy this. We do live our dreams, but still, I ask sometimes, are we all really living? 

I used to feel so lonely initially. I felt thunderstorms and cyclones inside, which disturbed not only me but people around me as well. But now when it rains, it feels like, I’m getting drenched with all those moments, which make my happy lips salty, with the taste of that water dripping from the ocean filled with those indelible moments, I try now to make eternal with this indelible ink!


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