An acid attack ( writers together #83 )


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“An Acid Attack Survivor. She frightens herself now.”

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Beautifully described through word art by our content writer vaishnavi sood.


She was indeed a beauty. A girl of 19 who was proud of her beauty and her intellect too. Sumedha was admired by all the people who knew her for her many virtues but her beauty was what made people say they were taken back. That’s how she and her life was back then, until that one day which turned her entire world upside down.
A young man, poorly dressed who was in his mid twenties came to her while she was returning home from the college and gave her a red rose and on his knees proposed her. Sumedha was completely shocked. She had no clue what to do. But she kept her calm and politely refused and went on her way. Similar things continued for a couple of weeks. He had now begin to follow her and misbehave. All of it was really getting scary for her. One day she collected the courage and went to the police and filled a Case.
              The next day the man got out on bail and on her way to college, the biggest tragedy of her life happened. The man threw acid on her face. All her face got burnt but thankfully she survived. 
It was not just the outer beauty that she lost but something inside her was broken and lost. The beautiful proud girl was lost forever. The admirations and appreciation begin to turn into pity and sympathies. Now when she looks at herself in the mirror she gets frightened herself at times.
But eventually she learnt to live with it and became an inspiration for all of us. This was the story of Sumedha, not a victim but a fighter and a survivor.

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