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I have been waiting for something good to happen to me since you left. I didn’t even realise that, you going away from me, is the best thing that could’ve happened. 

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These were the last words, which still echoed in my head, like a nightingale singing, on the lost night, like a death song playing in my mind. I felt like a corpse that whole night. Two years of long memories, she broked in a second and not a single tear shedded from her deep brown eyes, which hided, thousand of mysteries innate them. But I knew, she was shattered! She will not show. As her back turned, I knew she cried that whole night. But I also knew, she is a hardcore ! I was all lost somewhere. And she said, “I’m too young, with all my responsibilities. It ain’t some romantic movie. It’s life. I never said, I love you.

I said you are my best memory! My friend. Someone, with whom I like talking to.”Yes. Right. She was right. Even on the days, or times, we didn’t have words, we still used to stay with each other. It felt so calm, so peaceful. Some people have kind of aura, which can’t be resisted or ceased. She is such a person, who listens my every word with so intensity , who understands me , who know my worth, never forced me to explain anything and have no demands. She always  encouraged me to be a better person. But she said, we can’t be one. Why? Probably, she is again adding meaning to my life, for today she texted,“We are already one yaar. I’m still your friend. I’m still here. We can still be together, you know… ” Unexpected.

She is special. Very special. I was waiting for something good to happen, since you left. And yes, it happened. For, I realised, some bonds are beyond couple love, some bonds are like you and me, of the most beautiful relation called friendship! Yes, I accept Girl, again you are right. For, my ego won’t let me even call you again and I would have blocked you from my life. But you stayed. 

And it’s true that,’I didn’t even realise that, you going away from me, for a week, is the best thing that could’ve happened. ‘ For, I realised your importance in my life, in this one week. Yeah, I understood that, heart and mind, needs to be friends to understand true love! Yes. I’m sorry. Again, you saved me. True, only friends can do that. Again, you are right

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