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“You leave pieces of yourself in the palms of everyone who leaves, don’t worry…Darling, the moon doesn’t need to be whole to be beautiful.”

-Rupali Jeganathan

Above words by Rupali jeganathan.

BEAUTIFULLY DESCRIBED through WORD ART by  #err1585 (Ritika)

Every year, around fifty new students, she got. She used to learn each one’s name and quite soon understood the nature of everyone. The best part was she worked hard on each and everyone, without hoping for anything in return. 

Still, the day I said goodbye to her, I felt like to leave her in awe, that how much important she is in my life, and probably, for our whole class! I wrapped my feelings in a beautiful letter and gifted it to her, with the purest of the hearts and feelings.

I never received any reply. 

“Don’t be sad because of people. They will die one day.” A friend said to me once. 

So true. Probably that’s why she was such a unique lady. She gave a piece of her, her knowledge to each and every student, no matter good or bad. Still, she was always shining, brimming with life, always happy. She was just perfect!

But today, I received a call,


I finally received a reply. 

She was choking her life! She was so much under pressure. She was all broken, but she was like that moon, always casting off the darkness and bringing in light to everyone. Truly, 

‘She leave pieces of herself in the palms of everyone who leaves’, 

But, she was ‘the moon, who doesn’t need to be whole to be beautiful.’

She left behind whatever she had in the palms of her children, her young students, a piece of her ‘illumination’ in everyone, even inside the most careless! 

True, she knew, she never need to be whole, but have to scatter her light on every direction, even in the void! 

For this is how, we realised the weight of this loss. Give too soon, too young. She was an angel, in disguise

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