our words ; will be remember like ‘ john hurt ‘ wt#91

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writing is an art… and not everyone is an artist . we pen down what the world only feels and leave a mark not only on pages but hearts.

Beautifully described through word art by our content writer – aysha

You asked me, ” What use of writing?” and said it is not going to give me any profit.
But oh! It may not give me any profit financially but it makes me a more remarkable soul just like the billionaire, spiritually rich in words I link to the hearts and souls. Only a very few can make one understand but writers make everyone comprehend and feel at the same time. 

Don’t you see how satisfying it is to be the voice to the unspoken souls. And ‘ahh’ let me mention very importantly. I have began to live the real me. I’m not faking anymore, oh please, not anymore.

What a lot us struggle with, is having two sets of identities, the real us and the ‘us’ that we show to the world.

This is because of lack of self acceptance. We obstruct the real us by filling in thoughts in our minds such as ‘I’m not worthy enough’, ‘They will not be bothered’,  and we question ourselves why we feel so lost and empty.

The only reason is because we don’t follow our hearts, we don’t do what we really want. We think we are doing what we really want but in reality we are not. We have to stop this, stop being our own attacker, why is that we don’t fear to stop being fearful of who we are?

Only when you create, you can accept yourself and believe, people too will accept for who you are.  Bring in your creativity to fuel up your day to day life. Not everyone will agree with the way you see the world or the facts you bring out of your mind.

But to be who you are without any veils, without anyone else’s approval that affects you,  that is when you are truly bringing the real you out. And yes, that is what I have learnt and living,  the real me. 


our words ; will be remember like ‘ john hurt ‘


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