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from faith to come to faith to go , ego is man’s biggest woe.

Trust is something like a flower vase. It can help give life to something that’s bound to die, so is faith. When you have faith on somebody you completely trust that person with all that you are and all that you have. Most people these days get so carried away with life that they no longer value relationships.

Since “relationships” have taken a back seat every that comes with it have to take a back seat too. Be it faith, love, responsibility and just about anything.

When you come up in life you’re bound to nurture some ego ; this three letter word has the ability to destroy a relationship beyond explanation. Since ego is well reputed in spoiling relationships between two people who are dating or are friends or even put a wedge between two families.

And if you have a string of unsuccessful relationships then you know what you have to let go, it’s your ego. Sometimes when someone trusts you then it’s your responsibility to keep that trust intact but in a room full of ego trust no longer has any space.

And when this happens, you’re going to end up being a lonely. And nobody wants to end up being a lonely island, do they?

Apart from ending up lonely, you’d be hated for your attitude. When you nurture ego, you tend to think that you’re superior to those who dwell with you or people who are part of your daily life. Hence you lose people who could have torn down mountains or sailed see’s for you.



LIVE FOR YOURSELF ( quote challenge day 2 )

Simplicity … effective or not ?

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