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I am tired of texting you first , it’s making me question my worth. 

Beautifully described through word art by our content writer – RITIKA 

I was a wanderer before I got your text. It was two years before I still remember, in the month of deadly winters. It was a strange moment. I still recount those seconds, which we killed together, staying awake on our mobile screens. 
You made me realise I’m drowning, when I was as cold as this gust, with frozen waters inside, killed butterflies and thorns, blackness and enjoyment of that sniffs and just smog. 
You held on to me, too willing to know me. A minute, a day and a month, just one question and one answer. You knew I was lost, but you tried to blame the light of hope in my wounds. A strange silence with lots of noisome, I had inside. I need to tell you “who am I” I know. And I did.
Two years, of wireless connections and talks of day and night, all lost in the single moment when the two sticks bumped in each other, suddenly.
We met but with all my scars and your beauty of red petals. 
My beauty is now, again incomplete. 
Without a minute you turned your back and just lost in the crowd. I texted you. Ego was never a thing, that ever interfered! No replies et all, now but.
What can I do? Tell me now.
I’m back in my winters again. It was better before, for I didn’t staked my self-respect, to anyone. 
Just, “Thanks” I say every second, for you made me a ‘soul with more deeper feelings’ now, unfathomable now. Just some deep locutions. I’m done.

whatsapp , facebook , hike or any other way : disappointment comes from all the way.


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