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Even today I can’t identify those different colours split on a palette, but I have a brush to paint this white canvas of my life elegantly 

– beautifully created and description through word art by our content writer – EKTA SINGH

For me, this world was just a place to survive until you came. I still remember the days when I used to go for my exercise classes and you used to continuously ring the noisy bell of your cycle to gain my attention. I used to ignore you everyday but you never stopped following me.

Then finally your persistence in my thoughts attracted me towards you.  It has been nineteen years since I am born in this enormous world, but the day you have entered my life, it was the beginning of real me.

  Yeah, my eyes ditched me when I was too young, but  aahhhh! your captivating voice envisions the exquisiteness of love. Surviving in this world is one thing but making your remembrance is one of the most beautiful thing and you have taught me that.

I never realised the power of my dreams, the potential inside me but you taught me to walk and count every single step towards improvement and never shared anything with anyone and you, you know everything, even about my favourite keychain.

The first time when you kissed me , still remember that soothing essence of love. Falling asleep in your arms, listening to your breath reduces the intensity of my stress. Your presence every time makes me feel so protective and elated. The moment I lost my eyes, that black moment! I just wished and shouted, “I NEED A MIRACLE!”. I cannot forget that scary moment.

 I have heard a lot about the beautiful colour of the red sky in the evening, heard about the long distances between the stars and me. I have heard enough about the Taj Mahal. But without having light in my eyes, these were mere stories for me.

How wrong I was! Having you by my side how can I accept them just as stories! Today, under this beautiful red sky sitting with a star so close to me in front of this magnificent Taj Mahal is none other than a miracle for me.

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