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Take me in your arms just like sun dissolves in a ocean.


Beautifully described through word art by our content writer – Robin

~• Am one last coin that belongs to a poor guy. I am only richness in his fate. How will he live after me? Am a lady coin who keeps changing its place,goes from one hand to another,one pocket to another.In coming future,I believe that you will earn me somehow. You will rub me with your thumb and give back my shine to me.

We will do our first dance on terrace in rains. And all the birds will be singing from under some shades,and they will try to imitate us,maybe….

Drop by drop dripping water from your hair,will make my as wet,that will be wrapped around you. Our hearts will be thirsty there,we will drink oceans of love that evening.

Sunset will be a bit late,sun will we watching us sneakingly from horizon.

People will be having some air near shore. With wine glasses in their hands. When the tides will be height in night,they will come and kiss their feet.


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