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She put all her defences up,that would never make her fall in love. She built four walls around the chambers of her heart, and put on the cape of selfishness and ruthlessness. Turned herself unapologetic, uncompromising, unsympathetic and filled her spirit with meaness. She was without a pinch of humane or tender spot.


Beautifully described through word art by our content writer ritika.

She got the glimmers of heavens dust. She got heart etched with only good crimson platelets. One was sixteen, one was thirty and yet other was so illiterate, even didn’t know her age. Still, one can guess, she must be 80.  

one was just gazed, while the other was just touched on her waist by her own brother. sixteen one suffered regular assaults after this guy made her drink juice with Rohypnol stirred, so she don’t remembers anything.

 thirty one was a teacher of chemistry, eaten raw by her own young students and thrown away on the bus stand, nude and helpless. I can’t really understand what these perverts found in a wrinkled, old and pale skin? The case is now such, that she is gazed all over, with those naked eyes, from face to feet, he uncovers her in his mind.

Most abuse this way, just with their mouths watering, their cruel desires arousing but of course she cannot say anything, because they are just watching. Really? Then other few don’t really care. They live for their ego, we all know what their business is and abuse and throw away. In every 3-4 second one women is raped in America. Guess, how many in a single second are brutally abused in the whole world. Still, you think women are independent? They are foreboded every second.

Seeing them, today few had become so numb, that to them, even her own father or brother is the baddest person. They had stopped opening their hearts for anyone , Anyone. Stop calling her a cheese, a painting, a masterpiece, sexy, or hottie etc.

She is a  “human being”. Don’t gaze her in anyway. Just give her respect and dignity. Stop shackling her, in such a way, that true love becomes extinct and this world ends, with just last few dieing men. 

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