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    1. Thank you ma’am 🙂
      I want to share something with you 😉
      Whenever you do comment on my post ; my post is incomplete without your beautiful comment 🙂 feeling blessed 🙂 🙂 🙂

          1. Very good then when u have the time write a novel and very good on becoming a business man instead of working for a company. Keep on writing keeps your mind busy what next to write and thinking too.😊

          2. Hahahaha so cute dear but I am stuck actually started very well but somewhere I have to rework on my story and that is why thinking once more to start writing. These poems also that I keep on my blog feel like making a book on poems, how is that idea.

          3. I live in Mumbai, Ankit so let me see what I can do too but u also write there is nothing wrong in it but today even this has become a big business I know someone who writes books so things r not easy but we will see.

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