love ( writers together #66 )


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below words through word art by – vaishanvi  sood

They were a sweet couple but whenever they fought, he shall be angry and she would apologize and calm him and would do things just to bring a smile on his face, no matter who was wrong. Her friends wandered what made that stubborn bend each single time. She would just smile reading their minds there but in her diary she would confine everything. It was a place where she was neither a stubborn nor that girl who apologized to her man.

 She would write what she truly felt and thought. Thinking about him, she blushed; with a smile on her lips, she begin writing, she admitted that it was he who was wrong that day not her. She knew that it wasn’t about right or wrong it was their love that mattered the most. Then she smiled knowing that he shall apologize himself when he would realize his mistake.

At the end she wrote for him, out beyond you and me, there is a field where our love needs to be. She promised to always love him and  keep them both together forever.

love needs to be… ( writers together #66 )

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