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they say love heals

They say it gives back.

But they never said it took away more than it offered.

They never told you that it eats away until there would be nothing left of who you were before.

below description by our content writer ALKA.

There are plenty of people you can find who tell about good aspects of love. They speak about healing power of love but they won’t tell about the wounds that love gives. Sometimes, these wounds leave permanent scars in our heart.

                                   As every coin has got two sides, so the love has. If love can make you feel so high, it can also make you fall down. It can give you so much but possibilities are there that it can take more of you than it has given.

                      Moreover, it can eat you totally from inside out. You may feel very much heartbroken and fall into depression. Further, you may stop trusting love because of having fear to feel heartbreak again. And this will make you a totally changed person.

                                                  “If love can make you, it can also break you”.

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they say love heals ( writers together #73 )

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