Life before a job, dreams for future -still waiting

 Life before a job, dreams for future -still waiting

I am what I am, who I am. I consist of one brain, 10 hand fingers, and veins for the transmission of my thoughts from my brain to my fingers and eyes to look at the output on my laptop screen in.

I am a fictional character; you can make me your namesake, this is/was/will be your situation. I was jobless before applying for a job, books are my love. However, love doesn’t financially aid me yet. My folks want me to study further but patience has proven to be a foe; utterly non-supportive.


Why do I need a job?

  • For Financial Support
  • For Practical Knowledge
  • To Maintain my Standard of Living


  • For Financial Support–
  1. Support parents – by giving some part to them
  2. Support me – no money from parents


  • For practical knowledge

Bookish language –

Practical knowledge is (defined as)

  1. Epistemic condition: knowledge
  2. Empirical condition: effective motivation / internalize: that, as a central element of a deliberation, actually or potentially, under empirically realizable epistemic conditions, motivates at least a bit to act or to abstain from acting in a certain way and
  3. Normative condition: desirable motivation: that, from a normative (moral or prudential) perspective, should motivate in this way.


Oh no, what was that? Who cares for bookish language – tell us in a simple way or give us a practical example.

Yes, the practical example –  why we need to study the bookish language if we want a practical situation to understand the whole confusing language.

Why don’t  publishers only publish practical cases?

Wait, we are diverting from basic point –

Why we need practical knowledge?

  • Every company in this world doesn’t work with bookish language, they have their own way to accomplish the task ( now you will say what about tax amendments and law cases – they read amendments only when they don’t want to pick their hubby’s call or they want to sleep on or before the time)
  • If you want to get some tricks of working knowledge – you have to join as an intern because you are a student or join as an employee and kick your books.


  • For maintain standards –

Do you have standards?

What does this standard mean?

Is it related to us?

According to Google standard means,a level of quality or attainment.”


Some people want to earn to maintain their level of attainment and save some money.

Some people want to earn to boost theirs.


According to fictional character –

I want to earn for maintaining standard of my girlfriend or wife

So that I can manage my weekend’s expenses with my friends,

             I want to pay alone, no contribution this time.

Fictional character tries to explain the whole scenario to you all –

And now it’s your turn to guide to that boy/girl who is still studying and curious about earning money with the lack of patience.

Don’t consider your expression as commenting, express yourself and throw in some experience.


Fictional character (you)

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