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just in those few moment, he helped her in exploring the real she, it’s not always about love some bonds are never defined.

“See, everything was going well. But when you told me that he is coming to our city and you are going to meet him, something hit me, something hard, hard enough to pierce the very soul of mine. I don’t know why it happened, maybe because of some kind of liking or attraction towards you. See I don’t know why I felt like that. I know you are committed and I should not feel like this.


That day when you texted me that you are going to meet him, an unacceptable misery smacked right across my head. Then in a moment of the second’s I called you. You didn’t receive my call. I got scared, I had no reasons for that crumbling feeling. Then you called me but I didn’t answer your call. The phone was kept there on my table ringing and flashing your name but I didn’t have the courage to pick it up and listen from you that you are going with someone else.

Even today that terrible feeling makes me feel weak. I don’t know how it happened but since few days I have missed you like hell. I was waiting for you to come back. I know it’s wrong, okay! But this I the problem. I had been feeling so uneasy since so many days. Just to ignore this feeling I have started going to the gym twice a day.


I can’t describe you the pain that I am going through. That night as the time was passing, pain was effecting me furiously. I felt as if I am standing on the middle of those lonely road on those scary nights and a truck is approaching me with a very fast speed and than bang!


A few days back when I dropped you back to your home, I was missing you that day also, very badly.


I don’t know what to say more but I can’t help it. And then you asked me to buy a wind chime for him. How can you ask me to buy something for the one who is taking you away from me?  Why should I buy something for him? Yeah you are my friend, in fact more than that, but why should I buy something for the third person. We are together since so many days, I have never felt this but that day I felt as if someone is snatching away my very precious thing from me. That day I felt something excruciating to the deepest core of my existence till now.


What should I do now?”


She had no words. She kept listening to him. She was quiet. At first she thought she is dreaming but then she felt the terror dominating her conscious. His words were hurting her but somewhere she also knew how his words soothed her. His words were like the rustling of leaves of trees in a dense forest to her. She felt as if the cold lovely breeze is striking right on her face. She had such feelings earlier but she ignored them.


She was not afraid of losing him but she was afraid of hurting someone else even today she wasn’t that strong to ignore the promises that she has made to someone else. But today something stopped her to listen to her mind but those words.

She never wanted to leave that place. She wanted the time to stop at that moment. She wanted to capture every single expression of his face. She sees her face daily but today she wanted to admire it more. She also knew it was wrong, very wrong but she also couldn’t help it.  She wanted to fulfill those unblemished feelings.


She wanted to cry her heart out but she didn’t want to show her emotions to anyone. She wanted to tell him that even sometimes she also felt the same for him but just ignored the feeling. Yeah she was committed but she was feeling same but she didn’t know what to do. She was confused and scared too. She was feeling uncomfortable with him but yet comfortable. She wanted to spend some more time with him but run away from there at the same time.


She didn’t sleep that night. She listened to his favorite songs. She knew it was wrong but she can’t help it.



One day, even she also thought about this but didn’t know what to do. She never knew that this would also happen. And now when she was stuck in such condition, she was not able to face it. She didn’t  know what to do. She didn’t feel like talking to anyone. She felt as if she never knew the meaning of love. She wanted to hide somewhere. She didn’t want to face anyone.



She knows that she has explored the real she just because of him. She feels that it’s not loving and some bonds are never defined or she doesn’t want to define it..!!

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