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the nights are for the women drunk on the words – ambivert poetry

Beautifully described through word art by our content writer – Priyanka

The night is the favorite time for that woman who is high on words and mind full of thoughts. 
It is the perfect time to shower my pages with ink and really think proper before I write the right words. That is the time when I close my eyes, my thoughts pop up and my wrist starts moving on blank pages. 
The night is the time where I remember my love that was once lost, I can hear the sound of heartbreak, I can feel the tears which come out silently, it’s that when I’m having a fight with myself to win the real me. It is the time when I live yet dying and I breathe yet suffocating. But I don’t sit and just accept my loneliness. I take a pen in my hand and my thoughts meet my heart and fingers move and words start bleeding in the form of ink.
I feel alone at the silent night, even my shadow scares me on the wall but still, that is the only time when I can make myself a strong women too and my pen becomes my sword.
There was a time when at 2 am I used to write down all my connections on your lips.
And the same time where our eyes met under the moonlight. It’s now become hard to stop writing about you because you was first the reason of my happy writing and now tears took place of happiness and love.
It’s now words filling up the silence. 
It’s not the darkness of night,
it’s just the absence of light. In the absence of light, I am high on my words.

Lady gaga sings what she writes, she brights because she was right.

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