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below words by our content writer vaishanavi sood

 I had been with a few man in my life before you came but the way I felt for you is something I can never describe. I loved you truly and deeply. You were not my first love but you were the love of my life. 

 But maybe you just never cared. The way you left me broke me apart. It hurts and always will. My eyes are filled with tears every-time I remember the day you left, the way you left and worst of them all the way you didn’t care about what you did to me.

I already had lost my entire family when I was seven but somehow I survived. I existed for so many years but you made me live again. You gave me hope, a hope for the life that I thought I could only dream of.

But that friday changed my world. That day you decided to leave me and tore everything apart. I thought to die, to kill myself but the scars that you gave kept me alive.

                   The wounds that you gave can never be healed. Those wounds give me pain and I cry every night but the scars give me courage every morning to wake up, to prove you wrong and to live me life. Thanks to these scars that keep me alive.

keeps me alive ? (writers together #68 )

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