jlf Samvad day 1


                                    SAMVAD DAY – 1

(a) wordsmith
Patricia Forde introduced by Nandana Sen

A journey into ‘ARK’, the imaginary land where Patricia Forde’s story ‘wordsmith’ is set. In a world, not too different from ours, where the seas rise and swallow up countries and evil dictators decide to ban language, art and fun, the people will wake up to realise the magical power of words! A fun sessions of stories, readings and laughter.

(b) Imagine: The Freedom to Dream
Anne Waldman in conversation with Puneeta Roy

Famed america poet Anna Waldman in an inspirational sessions on poetry, imagination and the freedom to dream.

(c) Lady Driver
Chand, Meenu Vadra, Poonam and sakshi
in conversation with Urvashi Butalia

Lady driver maps the journeys of twelve woman from poor, marginalised communities who transformed their lives by taking up the challenge of becoming women drivers Chand, Meenu Vadra, Poonam and sakshi share their incredible story with Urvashi Butalia.

(d) Negotiating the Net in the Teen years
Clare Azzopardi with Anu Singh Choudhary

Maltese author Clare Azzopardi talks about real life, the virtual world and the space in between in a session where she counsels and advises on how to navigate social media, Facebook encounters and how to maintain the lines of privacy and dignity through the net and new media in the teen years.

(e) Big Cat story
Anjali Singh and Sanjna Kapoor
In conversation

Anjali Singh, the author of jawai: Land of Leopard and Ranthambore. The Tiger’s Realm, definitively known a thing or two about ferocious felines! In conversation with Sanjna Kapoor, she talks about her exciting forest adventures and her encounters with big cat family.

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