jlf baithak day 1


                                 BAITHAK DAY – 1

(a) Migrations
Lila Azam Zanganeh, Sholeh Wolpē, Valzhyna Mort and Vladimir Lucien in conversation with Tishani Doshi

James Joyce wrote the greatest of Dublin novels in Trieste. But does migration always positively affect the writing of a novelist ? can it also starve them of inspiration ? Literary exiles and migrants Lila Azam Zanganeh, Sholeh Wolpē, Valzhyna Mort and Vladimir Lucien compare notes with Tishani Doshi.

(b) How Green Was My Valley
Naseem Shafaie and Neerja Mattoo
in conversation with Neelesh Mishra

Women often bear the brunt and yet continue to hold the things together in the face of civilian and military conflicts. Two esteemed women writers from Kashmir, one a Muslim, one a Pandit, read from their works and speak of their shared experience of violence, strife and discord.

(c) Azaadi Mera Brand: Walking Free Anuradha Beniwal in conversation with Swanand Kirkire

The free-spirited chess champion Anuradha Beniwal’s recent pathbreaking travelogue Azaadi Mera Brand created a Stir in hindi literacy circles. In conversation with contemporary poet, lyricist and singer Swanand Kirkire, she explores the fundamentals and intangibles of individual freedom and the need for women in india to reclaim public spaces.

(d) Lost Kingdoms: The Hindu and Buddhist Golden Age in Southeast Asia
John Guy introduced by Kavita Singh

A number of Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms flourished in southeast asia from the 5th to the 9th century yet until recently few concerts details were known about them. Using architecture and Sculpture as a lens to explore this period. John Guy, the Florence and Herbert Irving Curator of the Arts of Southeast Asia at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, offers revelatory insight into the formerly mysterious kingdoms of Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar, and the extraordinary export of indian cultural forms, religions and languages.

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