man tiger , no filter and the art of the novel – day 2 jlf 2017


                          CHAR BAGH TENT DAY – 2

                                          Man Tiger

Eka Kurniawan at jlf 2017

In a apparent session at JLF, Indonesian author Eka Kurniawan in conversation with british translator Deborah Smith spoke about his craft, his influences and the importance of ghosts in his work.

“ I just read what came into my hands and when I wanted to become a writer, I just put all these influences into my book,” said by Eka while extensively talking about his book “Man Tiger”.

Eka said that books are a cultural sanctuary in his country. However, he also agreed that it was difficult to speak in public about one’s opinions and ideologies. He added that this intolerance hadn’t spread to literary circles. ‘there is no censorship in Indonesia because the extremists and the government never read book.’


                                            No Filter

suhel seth at jlf 2017

“The key of success is choosing your career in the field that your heart desires.” These were the words  of comedian-actress Mallika Dua in conversation with Ad-guru Suhel Seth. She also added that comedy should be pure and needs to be free from unusual comments  on caste, creed, religion and colour.

Five out of ten marks were given by Mallika on question asked by Suhel on  Rahul Gandhi’s intelligence. In the whole session, she gave comic answers on questions related to Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal.


                    The Art Of The Novel: On Writing Fiction

paul beatty at jlf 2017

Speakers of session ‘The Art Of Novel’ were Adam Thrillwell, Allen Hollingurst, Richard Fllengan, Paul Beatty and Manu Joseph.

Paul said that novels have been liked since its inception. Each novel has its own story which is close to the heart. Adam told that fiction novels have always been a priority in films. Even at the world level cinema, scripts of many films are based on novels. Such films are being made in india as well. Richard said that different styles of fiction are loved by the masses.      


jaipur literature festival – introduction 

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