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    1. Continues failure in the same field allows you to give up , that doesn’t mean that you will succeed in other field ; but if you have taken a decision to move further than Start thinking positive ; you have to satisfied yourself , that whatever you are doing is much better than last one , and just bang on the target ; people will say divya you nailed it 😀 think positive , positive vibes coming 🙂

          1. positivity is at one side and ground reality is the other one.. its good to be positive but it doesnt always stand up against the ground reality 🙂

          2. i know what to do , i am determined and well focused for my target , but you are right , i can’t control over luck and destiny , i know , what i want to be ;but i am not sure , that what i will be , destiny matters here . 🙂

          3. because everything is not in our hands.. nature plays a major role in our lives.. BTW i was not talking about you here it was my general opinion

  1. Nice quote!
    Its good to know that you are optimistic.
    No one knows what is going to happen but by staying positive, we ca be enjoy and stay happy at least for that particular period of time and after that its god’s will.
    Even we make others feel good if we a re positive: positive vibes.
    So stay positive. 🙂

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