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she left him , he was gaming , she was happy  . later , she was unhappy , he was still gaming .

by – _.rexxar._

Beautifully described through word art by our content writer – priyanka

Yes, I loved you.

For me, love was a feeling and for you it was just a game and I was one of your target. 

I was happy realising that I was no more with a gamer anymore, I was happy realising that I was safe.

I was happy alone instead of being with a coward like you.

But at this point of life I realize even I need someone.

But now for me love became hard because nowadays in relationships too many people playing mind games, fronting about their feelings and faking with their actions. 

And these mind games forced my mind to believe that love is nothing but just a waste of time.

Loving you was my mistake. That one stupid mistake I made and I’m still not able to get over it. It’s been a long time now and I’m still regretting my mistake. I regret everything from the time our eyes met, 

every tear, every “I love you”and everything that I spend wasting on someone like you.

You are still happy playing with feelings of others. You are not lying to them, you are cheating yourself too. The biggest lie you are telling to yourself. Maybe just maybe when you’ll need love and at that time no one will admire your eyes, no one will love your smile, no one will understand your feelings, no one will ever love the perfect melody of your laughter, no one will ever sacrifice for you, no one will trust and yes my dear, no one will ever love you.

Your lust will never win over love.



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