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   We all know that there are probabilities of having heartbreak. Some already might have suffered but still everybody wants to fall in love. This is what, maybe the beauty and power of love is; which attracts everyone even after heartbreak.

    Sometimes we feel happy, sometimes shattered. But in any situation, our heart has little flame of hope burning inside it that someone will be there for us who will heal our pain and will recollect the broken pieces of soul to mend it. Maybe that person is our soulmate, for whom we’ve been looking.

    With that person we can comfortably do soul to soul talk even in midnight too. We can rely on the person for accepting us with the scars we have inside our fragile heart and all are in search of that person who will collect the fragments and will rejoin them beautifully. We admit it or not but we all are looking for someone who will show our life with different perception and will spread splash of different colors in it like the charcoal do for an artist. Let’s keep the hope alive that someday we will have that person in our life.


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