the face she saw in it. ( writers together #63 )


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Beautifully described through word art by our content writer rinkal .

she stood there , staring at the mirror ,

when it broke into pieces ; 

and one of the shards penetrated right through her heart .

she , still couldn’t get rid of the face she saw in it.

Beautiful, Gorgeous, Splendid were the type of compliments she used to listen in her life but now something horrible has happened with her which she could only feel and others can just talk about it. After completing her schooling she was sure that one day she will become a successful actress she was very confident about herself,people use to say her BUDDING ACTRESS and after listening such things she used to be more confident about herself . she used to stand in front of big mirror which she had in her room and would practise some dialogues ,catwalk moves and dance she was in love with herself.

As in between she had also given some auditions and on one fine day she got a call about her selection she was so excited about it. i think that was the happiest news of her life she had ever listened. As it was the first step towards her dream so when she was on the way to studio a stranger man came from behind and throw acid upon her face , yes you heard it correct ACID.

she got hospitalised for 10 days her face was completely burnt the stranger was caught by the police .  In his defence he said “GALTI S GALAT LADKI PAR ACID DAL DIA” the girl was completely broken from inside her dreams were shattered all she wanted was to die she didn’t want to live anymore and after being in hospital for 10 days when she finally get back to her home . she saw herself in the mirror but this time with a feeling of hatred for herself she broke the mirror . just like the broken pieces of mirror she was also broken and now people will never compliment her the way they used to do.

 An acid survivor she is…who is now frighten from herself..trying to again some strength by reminiscing her past memories!

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