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Today, it’s the day for which she waited the most, the day to celebrate her success. She woke up with vehemence and beam on her face. She washed her face and then on looking at the mirror  and caught her eyes staring back at her and it dawned on her. Everything flashed back ,  was stuck in the middle of the triumph of her nascent dreams and the miseries of her past. The stored tears started to flow and the sobs wracked her body.

 The chapters of her fallacious deeds unfolded, breaking her into pieces. Pieces that reflected her life, reflected the wounds that she gave to someone else. Seeing herself in the mirror, looking deep into her eyes she realised the hurt that she gave him. The day when she decided to chose her dreams over him. The day she became selfish enough to not think about him even once.  day she left him. It was him who suffered without any mistakes. His mistake was just that, that he loved a girl with a passion for her dreams. She was still thinking about him.

 Today she is here with her dreams but not him. She hoped that today he will pretermit her faults and forgive her and knew that he will be overjoyed on seeing her on the stage with the launch of her debut novel. She also knew the pain that she has made him suffered all along this journey. Every passing second made her more and more curious. She was excited and nervous too. Now so many years has passed and the girl she saw on the mirror was a different one.

She was here with the success but some of scars deep down her heart made her regret about her past. and accepted the changes but she was not able to mold herself on the situations that she was facing.


the face she saw in it. ( writers together #63 )

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