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surrounded by crowd , my eyes pretend to be blind , but they are actually looking at you.

  • F.A.H.K

    Beautifully described through word art by our content writer – ritika

    He had always been hidden in the darkest of the draperies. He is stuck here, from more than 10 years now, all alone, without anyone to speak to. 
    His parents are always on tours. He is 26. His brother had shifted to some other place, after marriage. He had broken up with his sole love, after 10 years of frequent in and out relationship. Now, he don’t have any patience left to make her stay with her. It’s getting lame. He had moved on. Still, a piece of her remains. Of course, ten years is a long time. You just cannot delete it.
    He had spent all these years, after his teenage especially, in a hope to find someone, who will love him, and will always care for him. It felt like happening, but it never worked out.
    But now, he had deciphered his own way to live. In this noisy world, amidst those crowds, he sits with all his calmness, with acceptance to his life, loving himself and his goals. He observes and talks to random people, sharing with them everything and listening to their stories, which usually end up as a borax to them. He don’t force anyone. It just happens quite naturally. He have got skills which makes people believe he is a good person, which he is no doubt. At times, few of them stays as well. 
    He started recording his ‘atypical’ interactions, in a book, publishing few excerpts on social platforms. At times he wrote about his loneliness. People feel he is crazy or a lost one, when he spend hours just talking to children or nature or listening songs or writing, but never the virtual one, who just read his written words. He actually observes everything and everyone. At times, he also tries to search the eyes, who will say, “I love you.” But when he looks at his fan following, he thinks, 
    “I’m thankful for what I have been till now. It will surely happen, if only that eternal wants. Till then, I’ll enjoy every bit of this chapter.” He knew, everyone loves him.
    He might seem lost, but he is very clear on his targets, his dreams, his goals. That’s what he aims at and he not just lost. He is actually watching and understanding you.


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