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It was darkest of night where she shined so bright.

Beautifully described through word art by our content writer – ayesha

I stared deep into her eyes and saw cracks within. I could sense the pain caused by the sight of every betrayal. Every guy she has even fallen in love with, hooked up with another girl behind her back. All she ever wanted was to spill out her heart to someone who deserves it, but with every guy who ever entered her life.

she experienced in a point where she could no longer speak her heart out. She gave so much that she eventually was left with nothing. Every other guy who crossed her path, stole a piece from her heart and never handed it back when they left from her life.

All she had was an outline of a heart filled with emptiness. Darkness was doomed to shadow her around for the rest of her life, with all that was left,  what she explored was suicide thinking it to be a way out of this life.But instead it led her elsewhere, to a brighter place even in this world full of darkness around. She lost everything yet more than all she learnt lessons and began to live the mistakes.

She understood the life cycle of two stars; at a moment, lightening up each others world,  the next, collapsing into a massive giant black hole. We compare dancing stars to falling in love but rarely do we ever talk about the aftereffects, how one day it will all fall apart into a ball of bareness, how two people who meant galaxies to each other will turn into two different individuals with no memories left about each other.

And that is why we speak bitterly about it, love is beautiful but only when it lasts forever.

More like the Sun which was created before the humans step into this Earth and it will continue to burn until the last day of this world,  but majority of the stars were never meant to be,  they died after sometimes, just like the way some lovers were never meant to be.

bad day without immigrants and night with full of darkness – lover 


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