brother, friend, secret holder, partner in crime


two brothers’, never thought of the cousin word. one was older and another was learning, holding his shoulder. if you have a brother elder than you, on the other hand, he is charming, fun loving wants to give value to his life and not even his life but also his small kid his brother.

he wants to eat but not without his little kid – learning from him. he wants to give him more, to make him strong, teaching him how bad people are waiting for you outside the house, they will harm you, I    have faced them,  I have faced everything, I don’t want you to give value to these bad elements.

sleeping time – no, this is sharing time – funny moments of his life, laugh dose for a kid, he is not the big brother, he is a big laughing packet for the little kid.

the college completed !  so time to move for a job, sudden change for the kid,  thinking for lost futuristic knowledge from big brother, kid have no friend to share his secrets and tears comes out only for him, so time to say bye!

brother was gaining experience and facing tough situations. the kid was waiting for him when he will come and throw some life experience. he came with lots of love in the form of happiness.

phrase when the kid was going for meet his brother – 

he was in train, feeling great and eagerly waiting to meet him, reached to his office premises, saw the handsome tall guy – blurred – and was looking like his big brother,  glittering eyes – biggest smile – achieved everything.

4-5 days with him, the best part of life – money never comes in between them.

time was running and brother was faster than time – now he is in abroad!

again same condition but different situation. because he needs to go and the little kid wants him to go.  the little kid was waiting for that happiness, again he brought some happiness for the little kid.

part need to be highlighted –

something miss conceptual happened between brothers,  by the way, what was that?

oh god, that was nothing. but hustle bustle everything.

from that point, the little kid scared of making eye contact with his brother, can’t speak 5% of his usual capacity – reserve nature?  – No,  guilt – yes!

so, today is big brother’s birthday.

but he is not with us right now, so how to celebrate?

the little kid can give you one thing, his presence for you, cos big brother you are also with the little kid, I know you are reading this,  we can imagine your bonding,

bonding – unbreakable

I can’t pray to god, to give you everything because I have faith on your hard work and dedication.

you will achieve that with your own.

you are the best because you can spread the smile on everyone’s face in the worst situation, in fact, you are the salt in tasteless popcorn. you never mind when people criticize you, you have your own created aura, that is utsav’s positivity. 

I hope you will like my way to express what I feel.


 – your little kid.


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