Broken hearts ( writers together #84 )


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“All the broken hearts, in the world still beats.”

-by varda.writes 

Beautifully described through word art by our content writer ritika.

He was like a rainbow. With the violets of his affairs, indigoes of adversities, blues of memories, greens of his love for nature, yellows of hope, oranges of hobbies and reds of his broken heart, raging him inside. 
Ghouling were the storms. From fighting parents to unfaithful friends and a person becomes totally hopeless, when his or her love stabs. He writes his heart and try to remain colourful, but inside it is numb, a complete hollowness now. Black and dark.
He still, wakes up every morning, reading and then, listening some great songs. Then he makes the breakfast, write an article, so alone, but he is a rainbow, he knows. For black absorbs every other shade in itself.
He is a “Broken crayon”, as I read somewhere. Though he is broken, but he is still colouring. He is still spreading love and inspiration. For, broken doesn’t mean to quit, but to challenge and get back up. He is a rainbow, for, he had faced the storms. 
Everyone breaks at some point in life. And history had shown, those who are called “Greats” and “Legendary”, were once considered, the pack of “Waste”! Guess, how many times they must have broken? But the wisest message at such heavy times is, “Your Heartbeat” ! For it tells you, “You are still Alive!”

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