black history months #94

quotes about life, love, inspiration and you.  🙂

quotes about life

she was DYING from inside,


Looked ALIVE from outside.

Beautifully described through word art by our content writer – rinkal 

I was considered as a jolly person, who didn’t give a damn about anything, reckless I was and before doing anything stupid

I used to say “JO HOGA DEKHA JAEGA”.

Now badly miss the earlier version of me but couldn’t be the same again!!

What has changed now?

I’ve changed and big thanks to FAILURES of my life for letting me know where I actually stand and who I am!

Now I’ve started wearing a mask.A mask of fake smile who surely make people jealous because they consider me to be a happy person….but hey its their illusion

You think I’m the happiest person but hey I’m dying from inside because biggest shit is happening with me I couldn’t figure out what’s happening in my life!!

Can’t wear this mask anymore.

I’m sharing this with you all because maybe few of us are going with the same issues as mine but you know what talking with  YOURSELF, with (true you) can really help you out ..I’ve tried this today with that  jhalli rinkal may be this gonna work in my favor now.

Troubles, failures are a part of our life but this doesn’t mean we start losing ourself because that’s your identity and if you loose that you are nobody.

Speak up about your problems because there are people who will surely come ahead for your help !


black history months is explaining what we were and rinkal is explaining what she feels now. 


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