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Look , you are the only one who is participating in race of your life ; be confident ; you are a winner but i want you to see as a champion ; BEST FROM ALL . ⚡⚡

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  1. We are the champions… so goes the song from Queen …
    Remember that your posts “can” / do affect someone else in another part of the world, the vapour caused during boiling an egg in England or something as gentle as a wing stroke of a butterfly can cause a hurricane in China, we / the world is “connected” It’s all a sum of our actions, but doing nothing = there will be no action thus no results.
    Keep posting … keep changing the world … bit by bit, post by post.
    Yours sincerely Luigi
    Live long and prosper! _/_

      1. Thank you my “true blogger friends” … I will be ‘posting another couple of posts/ideas … then I will leave my blog to “idle” It’s way to eternity … I will check with it “occasionally” … but otherwise spend my time on “outher for me more important things ” like my wife, Grandchild and family, my father is in hospital in England … so I will be visiting him … more often. We only have …one father ( God the father … not included! ) and one mother ( mine I lost as I was only 18 months young.) So with this thought in mind … I advise you to love one another NOW and not when it’s too late. If you love / like someone tell them now that they are alive! Flowers on their graves is nice … but too late.

        1. So beautifully u have written Luigi even I have two big children and they r nicely leading their lives though my son is a little mischievous. Please do take care of your dad and family is very important they come first though our real father is always there protecting us and he is so benevolent. Look up on dr. Wayne dyer if u get time. A true motivational speaker though he passed away this year. Thanks once again for your beautiful comments. Take care and have a nice day. 👍

          1. I want to thanks both of you Luigi and kamal sir 🙂 respect for both of you 🙂
            I am only 20 year old and still learning the morals and ethics 🙂 you both are the blessing for me 🙂 few comments from both of you 🙂 but i have learnt a lot 🙂

          2. Thanks so much Ankit but it is so good to learn from your age so that one day our youth gets aware what is not wanted. All this hatred will in sometime destroy the world. One more thing Ankit I am a woman it is k many think me to be a man. 👍

          3. Thank you for the feedback, I will take a look at it … as soon as I get time to do. As of the motivational speach … I realy don’t need it I am very motivated, my love for my family and friends requires that as a minimum. Take care and thanks again.

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