15 Traits that prove that you’re a genius

ย  ย  ย 15 Traits that prove that you’re a genius

Have you ever felt that no one understands you or that you don’t belong to this place or you can’t adjust in this society? Have you ever got any comment on your weird habits? Is it difficult for you to explain yourself to people? Do you spend hours talking to yourself? Do you wake up for hours at night?

Then probably, you are a genius!

Some of the greatest people from the history from Darwin to Marilyn Monroe, and from Einstein to Beethoven, they all possessed not only some different qualities but some extremely eccentric habits and some equally unique traits which make them fall into the category ofย “Geniuses”. It’s a bit shocking and as well as interesting to know that all these brains had some things in common, which makes them extraordinary dexterous brains.

Like, all of them were great readers. They all loved art. They all tried to bring to give more and bring about the change in the society. But is there something called “Born Genius”.

Jotted down are the few traits which almost every brainy possess.

1. Loneliness

if you give more time to yourself

Most of the intellectuals, feel misunderstood by the people. This usually makes them completely anti-social. They are engrossed in their own heeds, which are usually in great distinction with society.

2. Sleep

sleepless night, hectic working schedule

Geniuses, don’t sleep much, especially at night. Tesla slept only two hours every night. It is studied that insomnia is kindred to higher IQ. There is a possibility that their calcium channel is slightly unstable, which makes them less sleepy.

3. Eye Colour

colour of your eyes?

Scientists have found, blue-eyed people are brilliant thinkers, whereas brown eyed people are very responsive to their actions and much more loyal than people with blue eyeballs, who are found to be less trustworthy.

4. Creative and Innovative

genius can make the tunnel in a pillow. ๐Ÿ˜€

Art, a great medium through which every genius love to express themselves, no matter if it’s writing, singing or painting. Almost each and every genius in the history was a creative head, probably because that way they try to make people understand them, their thoughts, which go beyond the thoughts of common people.

5. Atheists

I do believe in god, do you?

Most people with higher IQ don’t believe in any specific god or religion. They might read all religions but will don’t follow any. They just take in what seems logical and useful to them.

6. Altruists

some kindness is necessary.

Geniuses are great altruists. Children who understand liberalization at early years of teenage have been found to have higher IQ.

Also, it is interesting to mark here, that, it had been studied, countries with more number of altruists are more developed than those who believe in various religions.

7. Madness

go mad, go genuis.

“No great mind has ever existed without a touch ofย madness.”- Aristotle

It’s true that geniuses are bit atypical and usually sarcastic. Their idea of chilling around is always a little too “weird”, than others. Probably, that’s why they don’t tend to socialize much.

8. Disorders

Don’t take it otherwise if you are a genius. ๐Ÿ˜›

As these individuals often feel to be misunderstood, almost all geniuses suffer major psychological problems. While depression becomes a major hide for extraordinary brains, many of them suffer acute mental disorders. Some of the examples are, Michael Jackson suffered from ADHD, Zelda Fitzgerald suffered from schizophrenia and Beethoven is supposed to have suffered from Bipolar Disorder.

9. Elder Sibling

Indian can understand this very well, others do google search – Salman khan.

It is has been studied and found that the first born is always more ardently attached to his parents. They have higher IQ than their dearest sibling.

10. Left-handed

left handers – prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi and ex-president of united states of America barrack obama.

Lefties are capable of using both sides of the brain alike and can absorb more incoming data. They have the quick problem-solving ability but at the same time, they also forget things quickly as neurons keep on forming rapidly in their brain ventricles (hippocampus).

11. Height

master blaster Sachin Tendulkar is one of the exceptions of this point.

Taller children are often found to be more intelligent. A study found that they are far better on cognitive tests than others.

12. Lying

they lies, should we call them genius? should we?

Geniuses are great lies. People with higher intelligence often lie easily to get out of adversities. Lying consists of elements like reasoning and processing, which clever people activate when they lie. They also sometimes trust more easily.

13. Genes

this is bit scientific to understand, don’t skip this one, match up yourself with your parents.

It has been investigated that approximately 30% of kids intelligence is inherited through their parents. Smart people thus receive their smartness as a gift.

14. Chatting with Self

we are not talking about pre-propsose rehersel, about bit sensable talk with yourself.

Talking to oneself was considered as a sign of craziness at one point. But now, scientists have concluded that it actually strengths memory.

15. Fashion

oh god, i have so many dress of same pattern, doesn’t matter because i am a genius.

Geniuses are not much crazy about fashion. They love to wear the same set of dress everyday. It is considered that they like to focus on more important issues at hand, instead of changing and looking for clothes and trends.

Brainies can be crazy! As perfectly quoted by Aristotle, “No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” This is a bit crazier than it sounds. They also had their own kind of weird habits. Like, Benjamin Franklin used to spend up an hour taking his window, taking something called “air baths”. Michael Jackson loved to play with children, candies, rides and chocolates. He tried to create “Neverland Ranch”, and felt a close resemblance to Peter Pan.

While, it’s not recommended to practice such habit, but it’s true that it takes a lot to be a genius. There is a lot to learn from these legends and it surely is not just about higher IQ. In fact, it takes, from absurd habits to craziness to do what you like. Passion for their work, their art, is yet another similarity in these geniuses.

As you now know some of the many traits of geniuses, do you know anyone who has such traits? Or do you possess any of them? Then, probably you possess extraordinary intelligence. You might be a “Genius”.


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